What is so special about 8 Ball Pool? Read to know

The 8 Ball Pool pocket billiard, mobile game by Miniclip is one of a kind. For, as long as we remember, the default pool game of Windows was really not exciting or has any special offers. It was quite lethargic. However, the 8 Ball Pool game is quite the opposite of any boring table game. Don’t believe us? Well, let us give you major reasons to you, for in no time of playing the game you are sure to get addicted to it. Mark our words, the 8 Ball Pool is the best pocket billiard mobile game.

We have made a list of the main attractions of the 8 Ball Pool game. Read on.


Like we know that the game of billiards cannot be played solo, it requires two players to play the game. Similarly, the online 8 Ball Pool game can be played with multiple players. Either you get to play from the computerized shuffle and face opponents from other places or countries. Or else, you can send challenge invites to your friends and play with them.

Tons of Gifts

Not every game offers gifts as much as this game does. For, every single day a player gets a daily spin and can win gifts and cash coins. Also, there are videos that will generate coins if watched.

Range of Cues

The 8 Ball Pool game has cues of different powers and designs to offer to the players. These cues can be purchased via unlocking levels and unlocking mystery boxes. Also, there are cues that can be plainly purchased with coins only.

Offline Mode

Not everyone is as good as the ones who play really well. Hence, the 8 Ball Pool game has an offline mode or practice mode where a player can simply practice the game and brush their skills. It helps a player to learn the angles and ways to take a shot.

Variety of Pool Tables

The 8 Ball Pool game has a large variety of pool tables to play on. One can simply choose the amount they wish to bet upon choosing a table and play on it. There are basic tables like the Sydney table, Moscow table, London table, etc. Then on the tables cost higher bets, like Tokyo, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Tell us if you found anything to not like about the 8 Ball Pool. With so many options in one single application game, the 8 ball pool tool is a must try.

A guide on the weapons and a sniping guide of Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground is a very popular game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. It is a survival game where you will have to fight your enemies in order to stay on an island that shrinking with every passing minute.

What are weapon attachments?

Silencer: If you can use the silencer then it will hide all the firing indications like the gunfire shot and the muzzle flash.

Muzzle: It can increase the damaging power of the bullets over a long distance.

Foregrip: It can reduce the bullet spread by providing an accurate type of hip fire.

Magazine: It can increase the clip size.

Scope: It can provide the aiming rectification and offer magnification while using the weapon sight.

Sniping basics

Always try to pick the sniper rifle if you are trying to escape and kill your enemies from a long distance. Sniper rifles are very rare and you can only find them in particular places. You can find the maximum of them in the Mill. If you are looking for the sniper rifle then you can go to the highest hill. You can also find them in the outer region.

After finding the perfect place, you will be needing to put the scope as well as the muzzle attachments. The weapon will come with an 8x installed scope. It is not mandatory to use muzzle attachment but you can easily use the muzzle if you want to cause some someone damage. This game you won’t be providing you with realistic physics and it will definitely offer you a gameplay which will be more action oriented. You can also use the silencer.

Distance shooting

If you are shooting for a distance make sure you are having a silencer because it will help you to kill your enemies without making them know about it. Make sure that your scopes are very fine so that you can easily shoot them from a long distance without coming out from your hidden place.

How to survive the weapon attacks

You will need to use a helmet and bodysuit so that it can protect you from the enemies.

Make sure you have a bodysuit that can cover the torso and use a helmet in order to survive the snipers. Always use headphones so that you can easily listen to the gunshots made by your enemies or the sound of the vehicles. Missing the sound can easily kill you so being cautious is very important in this game because there is always a chance of facing death. You can also use the hack from thatgamehack for proceeding quickly in this game.

So this is an overview on the weapons and ammunition of free fire Battleground. When you will land on the isolated Island make sure you are getting the maximum weapons so that you can easily kill your enemies. You should always pick a weapon with which you can easily kill your enemies. Keep upgrading the weapons to make it stronger and to make its impact larger.

Everything That You Need To Know About Hay Day Cheats

When you play a game especially a mobilebased game, you will notice that there are certain resources in that game with the help of which you move forward in the game. Like for instance in the game of Hay Day, you need diamonds and coins to move ahead in the game. These are the main resources that are used in Hay Day. There are two ways in which you can get hold of these resources. You either wait for the game to produce it for you, or you use your real money and buy it. But, in reality, both these processes are timeconsuming and also not helpful. And, this is the reason why you need to use the Hay Day cheats. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the Hay Day cheat tool.

What Exactly Is The Hay Day Cheat?

Hay Day cheats are like the external help that you need to win the game. With the help of the Hay Day cheat, you can get access to an unlimited supply of free diamonds and coins which will help you to move forward in the game. This way you will never get stuck in the game because of running short of resources. The Hay Day cheats are available online, and it’s free to use which means you can use it whenever you want and as many times as you want. So if, you wish to conquer the game then, this is what you need in your possession.

The Advantages of Using the Hay Day Cheat

There are some advantages that you can avail by using the Hay Day cheat. Some who are listed below:

It gives you an unlimited supply of free coins and diamonds in the game.

You will never get stuck in the game as you will never run short of resources in the game.

The Hay Day cheats are available for free so, you can use it as many times as you want without having to pay a single penny for it.

The game becomes more enjoyable for you as you don’t have to worry about the resources in the game anymore.

Having the Hay Day cheat in your possession means that you can get hold of unlimited resources at any time you want.

The cheat is safe to use so; there’s nothing to worry about.

The cheat is also very easy to use so; you won’t have to face any complications in the process.

The cheat tool is very fast so; you don’t have to wait for it to generate your resources.

Main Features of the Hay Day Cheat

The cheat tool comes with some interesting features. If, you do not know about the features then, have a look through the points that are outlined below:

The connection and the account are all nicely secured and encrypted. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about while you use the cheat tool.

You can share the results of the game on your social networking platforms.

The cheat tool is mainly designed to provide you with an unlimited supply of diamonds and coins in the game.

The cheat tool is available online, and therefore, every layer has access to it.

All the features in the Hay Day cheat tool from https://thatgamehack.com/can-use-hay-day-hack-advance-game/ are available for free. There are no hidden charges as well if, that is what you are worried about.

One thing that is clear that the developers have put their complete mind and soul to make the Hay Day cheat tool the ultimate weapon for the game.

Thus, it can be concluded that the Hay day cheat tool is everything you need when it comes to the Hay Day game. If you are a true gamer and your sole objective is to conquer the game at all costs then, definitely this is the weapon that you need. Therefore, instead of wasting time, you should try out the Hay Day cheat tool and win the game like a pro. One thing is sure that you will never regret using it.

Clash Royale: Living life beyond limits

Living beyond limits is quite a fascination that we all want to explore. The feeling of not having any boundaries and being able to destroy an opponent gives a guilty pleasure to all of us. So much so that we cringe at the thought of it and also equally enjoy the feeling. It is an oxymoron kind of feeling which prevail among all of us. The game of Clash Royale has a similar feel to it. Here, a gamer can build and destroy empires, get on wars and attain their superiority over their enemies. The fantasy of living a life of a ruler or a warrior or a peasant is digitally accustomed to this game. Let us get a little deeper into the Clash Royale game and know why it is so amazing.

About Clash Royale

It is a freemium (a pricing strategy) mobile tower video game which was developed by Supercell and also published under the same banner. The Clash Royale game infuses elements from TD meaning tower defense which is a subgenre of strategy video games, collectible card games and MOBA meaning multiplayer online battle arena. The game play of the Clash Royale consists of cards, leagues, tournaments, clans, currency and chests. In this game the players are ranked by their trophy count.

They level up by gaining experience points. This is done through donating or upgrading cards and completion of achievements. Also, in Clash Royale, trophies are won or lost through multiplayer battles. When a player wins a battle by destroying maximum number of towers than the opposition party then they gain maximum power ups and points. The same thing is applicable when the opponent king’s tower is demolished which results a player to gain ‘three crown’ victory.

The Perks of Clash Royale:

Multiplayer video game

Playing a game single handedly is fun no doubt but if there was if another person to compete with the game just gets better. This fact gives a realistic touch to the game. The Clash Royale video game gives us the choice to invite friends and other to play the game online and compete for ultimate victory.

Crown Championship

The game has their championship game known as the Clash Royale Crown Championship which is the official e-sports world championship. The tournament is a great opportunity for players around the globe to compete with each other.


On completion of daily quests in the game, players are rewarded with points. There are various chests rewarded to player like the Giant Chest, Epic Chest, etc when. Also if a player is a daily user of the game app they receive ‘daily gifts’ like power ups, otherwise, players can use hacks such as https://thatgamehack.com/using-clash-royale-hack-win-arena/ to get rewards.

Apart from these there are a lot of perks to watch out for in the Clash Royale game. The game has won various awards notably when it won the Google Play Awards for ‘best game’ in the year 2016. This game is highly recommended for all you game lovers.

Play your battle with Guns of boom

Guns of Boom is a very recent online shooting video game released by Game Insight. It is multiplayer shooting game on a firstperson basis. The computer screen acts as the eyes of the character which the players look through. This game is all about guns and weapons.

Well, there are few tricks you need to know about the game:

Reload your gun whenever you can. There is a manual button on the screen which reloads your gun when you are getting over with the bullets. If you run out of bullets in the middle of a fight, it will reload on its own which might take a couple of second time. You can also change into your pistol, but it will favor your opponents. Avoid reloading it in the open when you are at risk of being attacked. Do it is a corner where you can hide from your enemies.

Make use of the proper site with zooming and out with sniper rifle. You will need it when you are away from your enemy and are out of sight. It helps to make your aim better and shoot directly at the head of the enemy than making body shots. Avoid using this when you are near to enemy or almost in close combat. You assault rifle for near shoots where you can see your enemy just in front of you.

Grenades are very powerful in the game, you can buy them with guns of boom gunbucks. You can use it for short distance midrange kill. Your opponents will surely get killed, and you do not need to be perfect with your aims and timing. Use grenades as much as you want. It refills with level ups, so you need not restrict yourself. If you are in around corridor, you can always throw a grenade and make a kill.

After killing your enemies you will get their weapons, so enjoy the privilege of better weapons. Run and press the button to pick up the weapons.

A timed health pack application available gives an advantage on the battlefield. Use all the ammunition and other Guns of boom cheats to keep yourself healthy.

The game is available for Android and iOS platform. It can be downloaded from the respective app store. If in case you cannot download it from the app store you can always refer online and download the game apk for the game from the proper website by searching online.

The Trending Game: Mobile Legend and its advantages

Games play an important role when it is about fun and enjoyment. They come first, and when it to have fun in the spare time, they are the most chosen and is a priority. There are many mobile games in the app store that make promises to give the complete fun but fail to do that. Here is a game that will never let you down. It is called as the Mobile Legend. This is the game that makes promises and works according to it to provide the real fun for their players. It times to know more about this game which is stated in the next paragraph.

Mobile Legend is a game that is played between two teams. The teams fight against each other and aim to destroy the enemies as fast as possible. There are three lanes which are to be known as top, middle and the bottom. There are five members in each team that control an avatar. The avatar is known as the hero. They make use of these three lanes to fight and destroy their opponents and win the battle fast. The hero or the player travel to different jungles, and the game also offers a feature to let reconnect to the game at any time. It gives chance to build your own team.

Advantages of Mobile Legend:

Good Graphics– The mobile legend has good graphics and is very attractive too. Everyone likes to play the game which not only amazes but also builds interest in them. Nobody likes to play the game that has ugly characters. It makes a long lasting effect on the player and let them connected with the game in times when they feel bored of using http://moblegendshack.com/.

Play Easy and have full control– The games are very simple and easy in the mobile legend. They are not like the games which are not at all easy to control and irritate you every time. It involves easy buying of players and can be according to the requirement of the gamer.

Rewards in the game– No one like the game that doesn’t involve any reward or surprising gifts. Mobile Legends provide you with reward not in the battle but also at the beginning of the battle. It makes the gamer happier and interests to play the game more and more. It has lots of amazing and exciting bonuses for beginners like skins and battle points. It offers rewards at every level of the menu and the map.

The games are fair– The mobile legends provide fair games. The games are so simple that it could be easily understood at first glance. It becomes much easier to win the battle when you have to build your team.

Reduces stress– The mobile legend also aims to reduce the stress of the gamer. Stress has a part of living, and it should be eliminated as soon as possible otherwise it would create problems for you. The game improves your ability to think, and there are certain factors that remove the stress sooner. It makes easy for the games to play again and again because of this amazing feature.

Encourages Players– The characters, role, and items in the game make you learn to like how to be more versatile. This lets you reach and gain a top rank in the game. You can deal with the same characters again and again. So, there are more chances to win the battle. It also lets you deal with different things and situations and learn from it. The maps are very simple and can be memorized very fast.

If you want to play any game that lets you feels good in the spare time, then Mobile Legends is the best and will give you complete fun and adventure.

Looking to play hay day game without any hassle? Take a look here!

Hay day hack is one of the most popular games online that many players are playing. This game is interesting to play and this game is based on the concept of farming. The players will need to do various farming related work to progress to the next level of the game. This game requires the use of diamonds and coins to upgrade any items build or purchase any items. However, one needs to wait for a longer period of time to get the diamonds and the coins as they can easily get used up. This problem is easily solved with the help of the hack tool by hay-day24.com. This is one of the best and easy to use hack tools. This article will take a look at how to use this tool.

A look at hay day hack tool:

  • This tool is safe to use as the account of the user in the game will not be affected by using this hack tool. This website offers this hay day hack tool for both the iOS and android device. It is very easy to use this tool to get unlimited diamonds and coins, which will help one to play the game without any hassle and it will help one to save a lot of time as well. One can run this hack tool easily from any tool.
  • There is another advantage of using this tool and it is that this website doesn’t require any type of password or email ID.
  • There are various tutorials online where it is shown that one can easily get the unlimited amount of diamonds and coins through this hack tool without any hassle.
  • With the help of the diamonds and the coins in such a huge amount, it will become more enjoyable to play the game without any hassle. One will be able to do anything on game as they have a quick access to such a huge amount of hay day free diamonds and coins to play the game. One can also easily access the levels fast and this will help one to stay ahead of the other gamers who are playing hay day.
  • This website will protect the account of the user with the help of other tools and proxies. This will ensure that the user will not face any type of hassle when they are playing the game. This hack tool is also available in French and in German language.
  • To use this hack tool, one will need to enter their android or iOS nickname. Then one will need to choose the platform, i.e. android or iOS. Then one will need to enter the amount of gold and diamonds that they want for their account. After this, they will need to click on “generate” button. One will need to wait for few seconds and then one will need to follow any other instructions that may come up. Many times, this website also asks for human verification.