A guide on the weapons and a sniping guide of Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground is a very popular game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. It is a survival game where you will have to fight your enemies in order to stay on an island that shrinking with every passing minute.

What are weapon attachments?

Silencer: If you can use the silencer then it will hide all the firing indications like the gunfire shot and the muzzle flash.

Muzzle: It can increase the damaging power of the bullets over a long distance.

Foregrip: It can reduce the bullet spread by providing an accurate type of hip fire.

Magazine: It can increase the clip size.

Scope: It can provide the aiming rectification and offer magnification while using the weapon sight.

Sniping basics

Always try to pick the sniper rifle if you are trying to escape and kill your enemies from a long distance. Sniper rifles are very rare and you can only find them in particular places. You can find the maximum of them in the Mill. If you are looking for the sniper rifle then you can go to the highest hill. You can also find them in the outer region.

After finding the perfect place, you will be needing to put the scope as well as the muzzle attachments. The weapon will come with an 8x installed scope. It is not mandatory to use muzzle attachment but you can easily use the muzzle if you want to cause some someone damage. This game you won’t be providing you with realistic physics and it will definitely offer you a gameplay which will be more action oriented. You can also use the silencer.

Distance shooting

If you are shooting for a distance make sure you are having a silencer because it will help you to kill your enemies without making them know about it. Make sure that your scopes are very fine so that you can easily shoot them from a long distance without coming out from your hidden place.

How to survive the weapon attacks

You will need to use a helmet and bodysuit so that it can protect you from the enemies.

Make sure you have a bodysuit that can cover the torso and use a helmet in order to survive the snipers. Always use headphones so that you can easily listen to the gunshots made by your enemies or the sound of the vehicles. Missing the sound can easily kill you so being cautious is very important in this game because there is always a chance of facing death. You can also use the hack from thatgamehack for proceeding quickly in this game.

So this is an overview on the weapons and ammunition of free fire Battleground. When you will land on the isolated Island make sure you are getting the maximum weapons so that you can easily kill your enemies. You should always pick a weapon with which you can easily kill your enemies. Keep upgrading the weapons to make it stronger and to make its impact larger.