Clash Royale: Living life beyond limits

Living beyond limits is quite a fascination that we all want to explore. The feeling of not having any boundaries and being able to destroy an opponent gives a guilty pleasure to all of us. So much so that we cringe at the thought of it and also equally enjoy the feeling. It is an oxymoron kind of feeling which prevail among all of us. The game of Clash Royale has a similar feel to it. Here, a gamer can build and destroy empires, get on wars and attain their superiority over their enemies. The fantasy of living a life of a ruler or a warrior or a peasant is digitally accustomed to this game. Let us get a little deeper into the Clash Royale game and know why it is so amazing.

About Clash Royale

It is a freemium (a pricing strategy) mobile tower video game which was developed by Supercell and also published under the same banner. The Clash Royale game infuses elements from TD meaning tower defense which is a subgenre of strategy video games, collectible card games and MOBA meaning multiplayer online battle arena. The game play of the Clash Royale consists of cards, leagues, tournaments, clans, currency and chests. In this game the players are ranked by their trophy count.

They level up by gaining experience points. This is done through donating or upgrading cards and completion of achievements. Also, in Clash Royale, trophies are won or lost through multiplayer battles. When a player wins a battle by destroying maximum number of towers than the opposition party then they gain maximum power ups and points. The same thing is applicable when the opponent king’s tower is demolished which results a player to gain ‘three crown’ victory.

The Perks of Clash Royale:

Multiplayer video game

Playing a game single handedly is fun no doubt but if there was if another person to compete with the game just gets better. This fact gives a realistic touch to the game. The Clash Royale video game gives us the choice to invite friends and other to play the game online and compete for ultimate victory.

Crown Championship

The game has their championship game known as the Clash Royale Crown Championship which is the official e-sports world championship. The tournament is a great opportunity for players around the globe to compete with each other.


On completion of daily quests in the game, players are rewarded with points. There are various chests rewarded to player like the Giant Chest, Epic Chest, etc when. Also if a player is a daily user of the game app they receive ‘daily gifts’ like power ups, otherwise, players can use hacks such as to get rewards.

Apart from these there are a lot of perks to watch out for in the Clash Royale game. The game has won various awards notably when it won the Google Play Awards for ‘best game’ in the year 2016. This game is highly recommended for all you game lovers.