Play your battle with Guns of boom

Guns of Boom is a very recent online shooting video game released by Game Insight. It is multiplayer shooting game on a firstperson basis. The computer screen acts as the eyes of the character which the players look through. This game is all about guns and weapons.

Well, there are few tricks you need to know about the game:

Reload your gun whenever you can. There is a manual button on the screen which reloads your gun when you are getting over with the bullets. If you run out of bullets in the middle of a fight, it will reload on its own which might take a couple of second time. You can also change into your pistol, but it will favor your opponents. Avoid reloading it in the open when you are at risk of being attacked. Do it is a corner where you can hide from your enemies.

Make use of the proper site with zooming and out with sniper rifle. You will need it when you are away from your enemy and are out of sight. It helps to make your aim better and shoot directly at the head of the enemy than making body shots. Avoid using this when you are near to enemy or almost in close combat. You assault rifle for near shoots where you can see your enemy just in front of you.

Grenades are very powerful in the game, you can buy them with guns of boom gunbucks. You can use it for short distance midrange kill. Your opponents will surely get killed, and you do not need to be perfect with your aims and timing. Use grenades as much as you want. It refills with level ups, so you need not restrict yourself. If you are in around corridor, you can always throw a grenade and make a kill.

After killing your enemies you will get their weapons, so enjoy the privilege of better weapons. Run and press the button to pick up the weapons.

A timed health pack application available gives an advantage on the battlefield. Use all the ammunition and other Guns of boom cheats to keep yourself healthy.

The game is available for Android and iOS platform. It can be downloaded from the respective app store. If in case you cannot download it from the app store you can always refer online and download the game apk for the game from the proper website by searching online.