What is so special about 8 Ball Pool? Read to know

The 8 Ball Pool pocket billiard, mobile game by Miniclip is one of a kind. For, as long as we remember, the default pool game of Windows was really not exciting or has any special offers. It was quite lethargic. However, the 8 Ball Pool game is quite the opposite of any boring table game. Don’t believe us? Well, let us give you major reasons to you, for in no time of playing the game you are sure to get addicted to it. Mark our words, the 8 Ball Pool is the best pocket billiard mobile game.

We have made a list of the main attractions of the 8 Ball Pool game. Read on.


Like we know that the game of billiards cannot be played solo, it requires two players to play the game. Similarly, the online 8 Ball Pool game can be played with multiple players. Either you get to play from the computerized shuffle and face opponents from other places or countries. Or else, you can send challenge invites to your friends and play with them.

Tons of Gifts

Not every game offers gifts as much as this game does. For, every single day a player gets a daily spin and can win gifts and cash coins. Also, there are videos that will generate coins if watched.

Range of Cues

The 8 Ball Pool game has cues of different powers and designs to offer to the players. These cues can be purchased via unlocking levels and unlocking mystery boxes. Also, there are cues that can be plainly purchased with coins only.

Offline Mode

Not everyone is as good as the ones who play really well. Hence, the 8 Ball Pool game has an offline mode or practice mode where a player can simply practice the game and brush their skills. It helps a player to learn the angles and ways to take a shot.

Variety of Pool Tables

The 8 Ball Pool game has a large variety of pool tables to play on. One can simply choose the amount they wish to bet upon choosing a table and play on it. There are basic tables like the Sydney table, Moscow table, London table, etc. Then on the tables cost higher bets, like Tokyo, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Tell us if you found anything to not like about the 8 Ball Pool. With so many options in one single application game, the 8 ball pool tool is a must try.